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Director Message

Dr. Anju Bhandari (Director General)

“Belief is what make people to work hard and one thing that shouldn’t stop in a way of hard work is the vision for which you are working. Vision along with the belief can make you stand among peoples.
“ - Dr. Anju Bhandari
Anju Bhandari, president of UNIQUE EDUCATION WELFARE CENTRE has been working for this NGO for almost 2 Decades. Since then and till now she is working for the education for the girls .The only aim for her work is that she beliefs that education is what connects people among everywhere .The equality right is what we all need to follow no matter which society we belong as long as we all are educated and civilized . Education never dwells with the rich people its root to be share among the poor peoples too. Apart from this as being social worker she has been working as Director for one of the best contributing institute All India Institute of Public & Physical Health Sciences (AIIPPHS). Along with this she has also been positioned as a director for the National Institute of Education Development Society & Sports Council (NIEDSSC). She has also been working at institute and from being chairman to director she has experienced journey with new learning’s and not only she developed herself in terms of education but also emphasis her to explore more about betterment of society.
During her course of journey she has been awarded as a doctorate by the institute. And due to her involvement in education and sports too. She has organized tournaments to raise the fun for child education.

Recently her institute has organized event on the eve of Women’s day to praise people who has been contributing for the society. She is one of the active members in the advisory board of Human Rights Council of India along with that she has shown her huge interest to the social world. That’s the very know reason she has been member for Monthly Magazine of University Coverage , Tollywood News Stars , Political Times India etc. She also help needy adults to settle down with the income works and provide food & shelter across every corners of the area. She also supported the campaign of “BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO”initiated by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She has shown her contribution to certain other awareness campaign that includes The Environmental Campaign for Keeping Grow Green, Society Campaign for Victims by Providing the Encouragement to Live Life Further etc.
For all her tremendous hardwork she has been awarded several times for her constant support for the society. She has been awarded as Being Woman of Substance, at India International on 5th march 2017, Hindustan Gaurav award at kurukshetra on 23rd august, Real life achievers award at Delhi, Education Ambassador Award at Gohana etc. She has shown certain presence as a Guest honor in certain event that involve sports, education and social gatherings. She has also recognized by certain NGO’s & affiliated to institutes for her work that include Safar, Art academy, Maganet higher education research development , institute of management and engineering studies , Partham paryas educational society .etc. .
Her only goal throughout her life is explore everything that comes in your way.
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